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This is the OpenBoxDesign website. Come in, have a look round.

We’re a design communication company based in the North East of Scotland. We believe in the impact that good design can have for companies and for people in general. In fact, we’re the kind of people that like to see more of our clients and we’re proud that many have been with us for years and years and over many projects. Some projects we do are serious, some not so. Some are very corporate, some are for children; but whatever we do we give our hearts as well as over fifteen years of experience to do the best we can.

We can, and have, done it all, from corporate communications to books for children and from exhibition stands to database-driven websites and to brilliantly innovate print work. We believe in what we do. We win awards for what we do. We’ve even been known to teach the next generation of graduate designers how to do well. So please take a look around, and if you like what we do, get in touch.

A rich resumé

We’ve been working for clients big and small for many years now, and the first thing we always do is listen. We don’t have a house style, and we don’t attempt to shoe-horn our client’s requirements into pre-defined templates.

This strategy has become one of our core beliefs and has played a big part in our reputation for keeping clients for many years. We’re at the creative end of the spectrum but that doesn’t restrict the clients we have. We’ve worked on government initiatives, oil company brochures and social-conscience posters as well as experimental installations, three dimensional paper promotions and arts-related websites.

We even sell our products to the public – and you can now buy them directly from this website.

we listen
we get into the nuts and bolts of a project
we confer and we come up with solutions
we see this process as a partnership

And what’s been happening recently?


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a new ad

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