The Barn poster and invitation designs

Since the formation of Woodend Arts in 1994, Woodend Barn has grown into the leading multi-arts organisation in North East Scotland. They nurture and celebrate creativity in all its forms, showcasing innovative, informative and entertaining artistic work all year round – allowing local audiences to benefit from high quality events without travelling for miles whilst also drawing audiences in from further afield.

This is a very recent project, so will evolve over time. In essence, we have created a template to be used for all new events where self-generated publicity isn’t available.

Alicia Bruce Invitation

The design

We started by the shape of The Barn – this becomes the lower third divider where information is displayed. The colour is adaptable to suit the image, but the typeface, size and weight remain consistent – as does the positioning. This may seem regimented, but is key to ensuring that the poster identity of all events remains consistent and therefore maintains the look and professionalism of the marketing and advertising.

It’s not too regimented though – there’s plenty of space to play with here just in case there’s a particularly wordy title, or a series of dates. In terms of invitations – the design flips on the reverse, with plenty of space, both front and back, for information to be displayed.



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