The North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee

The NESCPC is a multi-agency group that covers and coordinates child protection measures across Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Morayshire.

We were asked to create an identity to be used throughout their publicity, both online and in print.

coast banner

The design

The brief was to create an identity which was approachable but had authority. From our perspective, we wanted the identity to look professional – this is somewhat at odds with the market, where poorly designed, often hand-drawn identities prevail.

The identity works by capitalising each letter, giving it authority and then softening the overall feel by surrounding each letter in a circle. The text underneath, which is either displayed as it is here, or in a simple hand script emphasises the message that the NESCPC is here to help. Finally, the colours used are relatively soft and also work to separate the scottish blues of the ‘North East of Scotland’ with the complementary pinks for ‘Child Protection Committee’.


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