The Green, Aye!

OpenBoxDesign have been commissioned to produce a book and folder to celebrate the ‘Leafing the Green’ Project called ‘The Green, Aye!’ We worked with Raman Mundair, the internationally recognised writer and Emily Fraser, a local artist/illustrator to produce this celebratory document.

Case cover

‘Leafing the Green was a two year project designed to engage schools and communities in the historic urban environment of The Green and its surrounding areas.

‘Writer, Raman Mundair, used her skills as a wordsmith, facilitator and creative practitioner to take people on a physical, emotional and imaginative journey through the streets, buildings and vistas of this distinct part of Aberdeen. The Green, Aye! reflects the work of people of all ages who have looked at The Green with new eyes and gained a new sense of place.’

Jacky Hardacre

Creative Learning Manager, Aberdeen City Council

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