The Barn internal wayfinding

Our relationship with the Barn continues with a comprehensive exercise in wayfinding.

The Barn is a great place but it’s unusual layout (it really was a functioning barn in the past) means that it could be less than obvious for new visitors to know where to go. People arrive at the Barn for different reasons; going to a gig, using the stage area, visiting the gallery, buying tickets or attending workshops are examples. It was important that visitors could navigate the space as soon as they arrived.

This particular page relates to the internal signage system developed – we are also currently involved in producing external wayfinding which will be added in the future.

The concept

The Barn is a place of natural beauty and new technology. The signs we created needed to fit with the overarching design ethos we had already created with all the print work we routinely do for the Barn, but they also needed to compliment the fabric of the building and the ethos of the venue.

We conducted a full appraisal of the area and mapped the the area to show where and how the signs should be placed – you can see this on the proposal layouts at the bottom of this page.

The design

We kept it simple and professional whilst keeping the human aspect. We chose to create the signs by combining the manmade with the natural by using acrylic discs with laser-cut wood typography and an outer wooden band. this combination gives each sign a grounding in the natural aspects of the Barn and surrounding area while the shiny white surface reflects light creates a contrast with the walls they are placed on. The larger direction signs also follow this same idea. The signs were entirely created in house and hand assembled.

to the Barn
to the theatre, bar and gallery
to office corridor
office corridor
bistro door
to reception area
to theatre, bar and gallery
linking corridor
box office door
bistro door
Sign proposal page 1
Sign proposal page 2
Sign proposal page 3

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