intelligent engineering

RTies is an independent Consultancy set up in 2015 to provide a specialist engineering service to the process industries Worldwide.

They specialise in software engineering, process automation & industrial IT and also technical management.

The design

The design is based around the company name. The typeface was chosen as it has an elegant structure – almost as if it has been formed by pathways or even constructed. It’s quite sculptural and the elongated form underscores confidence. It’s also a friendly, rounded face emphasising the approachability of the company and staff.

The forms within the typeface compliment the shape to the left (which are two rectangles each with a curved edge that overlap – the central colour being a combination of the two). It’s kinetic and compliments the notion that engineering is a melding or building of ideas. The resulting shape is a non-literal representation of the letters R and T.


As the company is new, the identity is adaptable. Initially, it was felt that the sub header ‘intelligent engineering’ would be used. In the future, as RTies becomes more recognisable, the sub header can be removed.

Further to this, the symbol alone without any text can be used as a stamp of approval.

The concept

We work with companies big and small, old and new. RTies is a new company who were looking to create a professional and appropriate identity for their services, largely within the oil and gas industry.

We met and discussed what they do and importantly, the concept of engineering. We came away with the idea that RTies’ services connect with and create solutions. It’s often a layered approach where services build up and expand choices and options.

Identity submissions page 1
Identity submissions page 2

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