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PEAK is a leading, independent engineering consultancy, which enables oil and gas operators to optimise the design and performance of their assets. In an increasingly active and competitive marketplace, Peak wanted to stand out – as clearly defined through the company name itself.
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As quite often happens, the final result from a successfully realised design brief feels like an inevitable and positive conclusion. The reality however, is that to get to that realisation much work needs to be done to tease out the essence of what a company stands for. The Peak identity was no different in this respect. We produced a suite of concepts that provided the initial talking point. From this we were able to visualise both the client’s requirements and also what the marketplace determined to be a leading visual identity. The Oil and Gas industry has long shaken off the notion of being slow-moving and complacent. It is now progressive and exploratory in nature and the identity we produced for Peak reflects this perfectly. Colours are strong and striking. Typography is contemporary and bold. The Peak symbol works not only because of the tip of the point – being the highest atop everyone else, but also because of that little crag on the right hand side, symbolising that the journey to the top takes time and is not without danger – the essence of exploration.  
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