Opus Incipient

Opus incipient is the result of a partnership between Aberdeen City Council’s Arts Education Team, the University of Aberdeen’s Music Department and the 12 academies in Aberdeen. Funded by the Youth Music Initiative through the Scottish Arts Council, the project offered pupils and staff the opportunity to explore composition through world music and technology.

Composition and technology were key areas and this project looked at both in new and innovative ways. This unique collection of new work demonstrates the achievements of everybody involved.

We were asked to visualise this work in the form of the CD of the project and exhibition panels. (Very long exhibition panels at that).

CD Case and Booklet

The CD

The CD is the product and the outcome of the project. The sound/music work is experimental and expressive. It’s sometimes confusing, sometimes melodic and always challenging. We visualised this as a sound line. This sound line travels through the booklet and gets distorted and disrupted. The sound line ‘meets’ other sounds along the way and shows an interesting journey. Finally, the sounds comes to a calming ending.

It was a really enjoyable project to be involved in.

The Panels

In many respects, the panels are a lift from the booklet. In fact, the very nature of them demonstrated this sound path an a simpler more direct form as the sound path isn’t split from page to page. The panels are absolutely huge – more than 8 meters in length and they spanned the main hall in the University. We created two – one with all the text and one with the simple visuals.


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