North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee public awareness campaign

OpenBoxDesign have been involved in a number of projects for the NESCPC including the initial branding of the service, their website, leaflet designs and a child protection poster campaign. The branding of the service was key to this process as it provides a professional identity which ultimately presents the ethos of the NESCPC in a positive and approachable manner.

The design

One of the outcomes has been an extensive poster campaign looking at child protection in a positive light. This is contrary to many other campaigns run by other institutions which use danger and fear as their main impetus. The NESCPC posters emphasise the positive aspects that can come from listening, teaching and looking after children and young adults in many different age ranges and circumstances. Integral to this message is the emphasis that it’s everyone’s business to watch out for children – not just parents or families and this coincides perfectly with the Scottish Government’s message on child protection and welfare. The poster campaign is currently being run throughout the Grampian area and covers hospitals, dentists, GP surgeries and schools.
Poster 1
Poster 5
Poster 9
Poster 2
Poster 6
Poster 10
Poster 3
Poster 7
Poster 11
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