North East Folklore Archive (NEFA) exhibition panels

Following on from the NEFA website and the Arts Development panels, we were asked by NEFA to produce exhibition panels to be displayed in Aden Country Park’s Museum. These follow the same layout as the Arts Development panels, but with images selected whilst creating the NEFA website.

The design

The images we had available all told their own stories – this huge area covers land and sea, work and play. The images are a true unvarnished snapshot into the heritage of the area. So we made visual stories. We tinted images, juxtaposed them, zoomed in, grained them, cleaned them up all to create narratives. We took our time and produced something contemporary which celebrates the past rather than rails against it.

Poster 11
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 6
Poster 10
Poster 3
Poster 7
Poster 5
Poster 4
Poster 8

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