Gold Star Cleaning Services

Goldstar are a very established company  in the business of cleaning – however, their visual identity did not reflect the quality of their work, or indeed the size and experience of the company. OpenBoxDesign were approached initially to create their identity which was an instant success.
coast banner


The concept of the identity began with initial discussions with Scott Willox, the MD of the company. The overarching message is that as a cleaning company Gold Star needed to convey that by being a clean, contemporary and forward looking enterprise themselves, their services would then reflect on any businesses they worked for. The identity works by taking the concept of clean rather than a literal interpretation of a star… in essence the star of the show is Gold Star which is shown to sparkle from the letter G – this has lead onto a secondary logo, which uses only the letter G and sparkle that is used as a moniker or badge on the fronts of vehicles and on the breast pockets of uniforms.


The identity has been very positively received, not only by Gold Star themselves, but by businesses and analysts outwit. The Gold Star identity is seen as a leader in the field and has raised the profile of the brand and helped Gold Star increase their share of the marketplace.

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