Gold Star business stationery

Producing business stationery is a surprisingly enjoyable way of underlining the brand of a company, and is often overlooked. Quite often it can be the first introduction to the personality of the company, with the simple hand over of a business card and also the last in a project or service when the inevitable invoice lands on your desk.

business cards

Business Cards

Gold Star’s business cards are clean, sharp and elegant. On one side is the ‘G’ symbol reversed out of the gold colour. On the front, the information is clear and concise. Cards designed this way can still attract, even if they’re placed in a business card holder.



Letterhead and continuation sheet

Letterheads need to function with words. Quite often letterheads are either too busy to allow the written content to be seen or too bland to allow the essence of the brand to shine through. The letterheads we create have space – lots of it – but, by using elements of the identity, specifically the striking diagonal colour at the base and extended ‘sparkle’ at the top, we have continued to exploit the brand’s theme from even the simplest of products.


with comps slip and envelope

With complements and envelopes

This simple, overarching theme also continues through to the with comps slips and to the reverse of the envelopes. You know who the letter is from, even before opening it!


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