Gold Star and Chores print work

Having a strong visual brand help when it comes to advertising and marketing. We started with the Gold Star identity, created by OpenBoxDesign and moved on from there. Taking clean and dynamic elements from the brand, we have been able to crate banners, flyers, adverts and stationery that reflect the company and the services it provides.
gold star and chores exhibition banners

Banners and Flyers

The identity for Gold Star and Chores need to work in unison or independently of one another. In order for this to work we have maintained the same approach to fonts and to angular lines but split the messages and overall look for each division. The message for the commercial cleaning wing is that of a business-led service; what Gold Star can do for you. The message for domestic cleaning is about ownership; it’s still a service, but it’s all about loving your home for what it says about you.

Adverts and Calling Cards

Gold Star provide services for a multitude of areas ranging from window cleaning, full institution deep cleaning to house clearances. To this end they advertise extensively in print and online. The examples below show the suite of adverts produced for the Yellow Pages as well as calling cards left after a service has been provided. Some are full colour, some are single colour. All convey the brand of the company.

cleaning services
cleaning services
calling card
property services
home cleaning
cleaning services
cleaning services
cleaning services

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