Friends of Woodend Barn Leaflet and Poster

Since the formation of Woodend Arts in 1994, Woodend Barn has grown into the leading multi-arts organisation in North East Scotland. They nurture and celebrate creativity in all its forms, showcasing innovative, informative and entertaining artistic work all year round – allowing local audiences to benefit from high quality events without travelling for miles whilst also drawing audiences in from further afield.

After creating the Business Plan and the Friends of Woodend Barn identity, we were asked to create leaflets and a poster advertising the Friends.

Application leaflet
Gift Application leaflet

The leaflets (and going a step further)

Firstly, there were to be two leaflets – one for those wishing to become a Friend and another which would act as a gift of membership for someone else. It was important that they looked different so encourage people to look at, and hopefully take both. Quite simply, we have two very different colours to attract.

The layout is clean and straightforward – it’s also attractive. These are essentially forms, so the white areas are for filling in information. The forms are handed back to be processed by the staff… but, and here’s that extra step; the forms are also digital and after our work on Aberdeen Child Care Service’s Assessment and Plan, we were able to create this simple form as a saveable pds file where information could be entered and stored digitally.

In other words – the form could be emailed back, pre-filled so that the staff of The Barn didn’t need to re-fill data in their records.

Just to prove the point you can download the Friends Application Form , or the Gift Application Form (they work with adobe acrobat reader)



The Poster

The poster is a simple affair taken from the design of the forms with the same rationale. The poster design is used in various places in The Barn is also going to be translated into a large banner in the future.


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