Ellon Library

Moving on from the success we had with Peterhead and Westhill Libraries, we were then asked to look at the interior space for Ellon Library. As with all the Libraries in the area, Ellon Library had undergone a transformation with updated interiors and a bolder, fresher and more welcoming look.

Once again, we used simple words and phrases to act as inspiration to visitors. We also provided a new reception design which continued the overarching theme of Aberdeenshire Libraries (concentric circles and a green palette), and we also produced window vinyl in frosted translucent material to allow the signs to be read at distance without any loss of interior light. Finally, we created two panels; a poetry panel, is placed in the main room of the Library whereas the larger ‘heritage panel’ is within the local history room. As with our work on the other Libraries and NEFA, we used the archival services of Aberdeenshire Council to source images and partnered these with local poetry and historical information in contemporary colour-schemes and layouts.

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