Creative Learning Team identity

The Creative Learning Team is the new name for the Arts Development Team at Aberdeen City Council. The Creative Learning Team is greater in numbers and has a more diverse role to play in delivering the arts to those in the city.

AAL 2012 Brochure

The design

We came up with a number of initial concepts and then focused on the final one. The notion here is that the team, and the services they provide are fluid and kinetic in approach but all form around the same ‘vortex’. The circles are slightly weightier on one side, becoming a letter ‘C’. Colours are bold and approachable and, importantly, work using layers of transparency – this means they can pick up colours from what is underneath, essentially meaning that unlike most identities, this one is supposed to look different under different applications.

It was a really enjoyable process to do this identity. Although we have our own views on the concept, it is true to say that it can, and has been, interpreted differently by many people and groups. We’re absolutely fine about that, as long as the feeling is positive… and it has indeed been very well received.


Identity submissions phase 1
Identity submissions phase 2
Identity submissions phase 3

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