COAST – Festival of the Visual Arts

In 2010 OpenBoxDesign were approached by the organisers of a new festival in the North East of Scotland to create an identity AND a name for a new and exciting visual arts event. The process involved meeting with local artists and the general community of the area of Banffshire to formulate ideas on what this new festival would be and what it would be called. ‘Coast’ was born. Now in it’s fifth year, Coast has gone from strength to strength and has become a highlight of the events calendar of the North East. See the website here.
coast banner


The process of creating the identity started with the name – what could a visual arts festival be called to reflect the nature of the area. ‘Flow’ and ‘Bright Coast’ were two of the many suggestions. In the end, ‘Coast’ was the perfect choice. In terms of design, the final identity is simple and all various visual elements culminate into one powerful statement. We’ve used a modern typeface which has an essence of art deco to it (elements of the town reflect this including the signage to the local distillery). The type is spaced out to reflect the panoramic nature of the coastline. The notion of the coast is further defined by the intersecting lines which represent the cross-over between sea, land and sky. Finally, the colour is a sublime blue – and is specifically a colour which is seen in the sea and in the sky above the area.  
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