Arts Across Learning Festival 2013 and Festival Report

It’s another wonderful Arts Across Learning Festival, and once again OpenBoxDesign has produced the accompanying brochure.

Activities take place across many cultural venues and outdoor spaces, carefully balanced with artists and companies ready and waiting to come directly into schools. There is a rich mix of art forms and topics to stimulate discussion, exploration and creativity for pupils and teachers alike.

Within the pages you’ll find high quality arts and cultural experiences for nursery, primary and ASN pupils across the city of Aberdeen, all designed and selected for their ability to inspire further learning.

AAL 2014 Brochure

The Brochure

This year the illustrator for the brochure is Tracey Smith – she’s really rather wonderful and you can see more of her work at

The brochure is printed on uncoated paper – this works really well where illustrations are used. It’s soft to the touch and feels great when you thumb through the pages.

The Report

The report, which is a further publication, looks back on the festival giving facts and figures along with highlights of what is always a key addition to the academic and festivals calendar.

Thanks, as always to the fabulous Arts Education Team at the City Council for being brilliant clients. These projects are always a joy to do and are a highlight of the year for the OpenBoxDesign Elves.


report 2013

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