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arts development in Aberdeenshire

A huge range of projects spanning over ten years and almost every media format you could imagine.

We began working with the Arts Development Team in 2002 and produced the aberdeenshirearts.org.uk website as well as the arts strategy document. That’s how it commenced…

It was clear from this point that we were creating more than a series of projects – we were branding AberdeenshireArts.


For many years the aberdeenshirearts website provided a very valuable conduit for information on the arts in the area.

The design brief was to produce a visually arresting site with it’s own unique identity which could also house a wealth of written information.

The site, which has only recently been superseded  by the council’s general site, contained plenty of information on the arts development team of the council as well as database-driven sections such as a what’s on guide, a directory of artists and organisations and a frequently updated opportunities and newsroom section. The site also had a dedicated e-bulletin service for subscribers.



Aberdeenshire newsletters

Newsletters and printed publications

Throughout the years we have produced many newsletters for the aberdeenshirearts – many are also sub-divided into sections such as the newsletter for writers shown here. As you would expect from an area involved in the arts, the visual qualities are paramount.


AVA awards

Leaflets and ephemera

It’s been a pleasure working for the department. Each leaflet, panel, postcard has it’s own set of values and qualities that need to be exploited. More often than not, we have had excellent images to work with and that has provided the client with an exciting archive of well-designed and informative work.


percent for art and public art guidance

Public Art guidance and Per Cent for Art

These two documents highlight and signpost Aberdeenshire Council’s commitment to Public Art. The guidance brochure acts as a showcase for the varied and forward-looking public art commissions that are already in the large geographical area of Aberdeenshire and provide useful notes for developers wanting to incorporate public art into their planning proposals where the Per Cent for Art leaflet ensures that this long tradition of supporting the arts is maintained and nurtured in the future.


perceptions people place flyer
perceptions people place banners

Perceptions People Place

This particular project was for the regeneration discussions based around Peterhead. Leaflets, brochures and exhibition panels were created for the conference and subsequent communications.

The design reflects the notion of building and planning without being explicit or literal. Much in the way that towns naturally grow depending on the value and need of the community that reside there, the design has an organic, kinetic and non-imposing feel.


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