Aden Country Park leaflets

Aden, often referred to as “the jewel in the Buchan crown” has been recognised as one of the country’s best green spaces with a prestigious Green Flag Award. The awards recognise and reward the best parks in the country and Aden impressed the judges with its excellent use of green space, well-maintained facilities and high standard of safety and security.

We were commissioned to produce a new identity for the Park, along with leafletsway-finding panels and a website.

Each leaflet has it’s own colour-scheme – handy as the leaflets are displayed together, but all follow a layout format which is recognisably from the same family. The leaflets make extensive use of visuals to complement the written content.

The ‘Aden’ leaflet

The ‘Aden’ leaflet as it is now known is the general leaflet for the park. It contains information on the park and some of it’s history. Open it up completely and you have a map (also designed by OpenBoxDesign) of the area with all the points of interest labelled.


The Barron Family leaflet

The Barron leaflet details the history of the Barron Family who owned an ran Hareshowe Farm – part of the Aden Estate.



The Introduction to Aden leaflet

The Introduction leaflet is another leaflet looking at the history of Aden and the estate.



The Hareshowe leaflet

The Hareshowe leaflet is about the farm and farming practices on the estate through history.



The Aden and Surrounding Area leaflet

This leaflet gives information on the park and then goes beyond. The map shows a much larger area and details sights and excursions to some truly exceptional places to spend your time in the North East of Scotland.



The Tree Trails leaflet

As you may expect, the Tree Trails leaflet uses the map of the Park and depicts several walks that can be taken to enjoy the various trees within the park.



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